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Students shared their cultural background
Happy Valentine's Day!
Quest working with Mrs. Bailey's grade 1 class
Quest Theater is here this week!

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Feb 15 - Quest Theater Residency

We are so very excited to have Quest Theatre in our school this week working with Grade 1-8 students! Quest Theatre‚Ä...

Feb 7 - Orange and Grapefruit Fundraiser

Orange & Grapefruit pick up from 9am-6pm today (Feb. 7) and Wednesday (Feb. 8). We have extra for sale, so tell your fri...

Feb 3 - RVS Science Fair Results

On February 2nd, our school held its annual Science Fair.  A total of 39 projects, 55 kids, were judged. All first and...

Feb 2 - Internet Safety Presentations

On January 30th, students participated in internet safety presentations.  There were 3 different presentations, each ge...