Chinook's Edge School Division
This is an exciting opportunity for us! Please visit our Pre-Kindergarten page or call for details.
Shamrock art
Vibrant art work
Circle art
Those leprechauns trashed some classrooms!
Many classes tried to catch a leprechaun -- they were around but couldn't be caught!

Latest News

Mar 26 - Tower Gardens

Last spring, we purchase a few tower gardens for our school.  The goal was to have kids see first-hand how plants (incl...

Mar 1 - February Summary

February was a super short month but we packed a lot into it!  Here are some of the highlights... -Grade 8 Renaissan...

Feb 15 - Quest Theater Residency

We are so very excited to have Quest Theatre in our school this week working with Grade 1-8 students! Quest Theatre‚Ä...

Feb 7 - Orange and Grapefruit Fundraiser

Orange & Grapefruit pick up from 9am-6pm today (Feb. 7) and Wednesday (Feb. 8). We have extra for sale, so tell your fri...