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Michael Brown


Key Roles

As a staff member at River Valley School, Mike is responsible for all areas of grade 8 Language Arts and Math.  He also teaches grade 7 and 8 physical education and woodshop.

I started out my teaching career 9 years ago moving from Ontario to a remote desolate town 12 hours north of Edmonton. I began teaching grade 1 and grade 2 and made the climb up to Grade 6.  After 5 years up north, my family and I  made the trek south into the lovely town of Olds where I was able to land a teaching job at River Valley School in Sundre. After a pleasant return to grade 2 for a year I was once again given the chance to move up the grades to grade 7 and 8 where I currently plan to plant my roots deep.

Mike attended both the University of Western Ontario for his undergrad and the University of Toronto for his bachelor of education.  He currently resides in Olds with his wife Melissa, and his 3 adorably cute children. Mike loves playing music and even hosts an open mic every third Thursday at Flame's Lounge (currently under renovations).

Mike is proud to be part of Chinook's Edge School Division and River Valley School!

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