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Diane Vennard

Educational Assistants

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Certified Educational Assistant

Mrs. Vennard is supporting students in a grade 1 class at River Valley School in Sundre. She also is outside at recess supporting students in primary grades modelling appropriate play, turn taking and resolving isssues.

Mrs. Vennard took her training at Red Deer College and became certified and is one of the lucky people that love their job!

She has 6 grandchildren that she loves to spend time with., two that come to our school.... bonus. One of her favourite activities is riding her horse and do as much horse camping as possible during days off. Mrs. Vennard's  other favorite hobby is quilting and sewing and loves getting together with friends and do all day, and part of the nights; power sewing. She enjoys her time outside hanging out with her chickens, playing with her dog and cats and drinking coffee.