Science Fair Results |

Science Fair Results

RVS Science Fair 2019 Placements

Well done Science Fair Participants! This year RVS had 46 projects and 57 students involved! Those who placed in the top three for each grade have been invited to attend the next Science Fair in Olds. Good Luck! Please make sure your Olds Science Fair Forms are into Ms. Hindbo by February 13th if you plan to attend.

2019 Science Fair Photo Album


Grade Two Participants

     Brooklyn Butts

    Samuel Young

Grade Three Participants

    Annalea Long

    Dylan Smith and Thalia Hanson

    Erika McNeil

    Sadie Dziadek and Mikaela MacNeil

    Kara Nielsen and Anastasia Dyck

    Maddison Turnbull

    Denton Hislop

    Anya Mueller and NJ Robins

    Garrett Deschaine and Zach McFadden

Grade Four Participants

    Dyllan Marko and Dominic Shpak

    Isabella Dykstra

    London Millar

    Carmyn Hollar and Chelsie Hollar

    Aspen Luzi and Brynne Bartholow

    Natalie Brink

Grade Five Participants

    Aspen Luzi and Brynne Bartholow

    Natalie Brink

Grade Six Participants

    Kaleb Berry-Oler

    Deziree Olsen and Janna Nylund

    Zoey McCormack

Grade Seven Participants

    Nolan Spurrier and Kash Ingram

    George Fehr and Joey Fehr

Honorable Mentions

Grade Two Honorable Mentions

     Teagan Reardan and Bella Reardan

Grade Three Honorable Mentions

    Kealynn Anderson and Rylan Anderson

Grade Four Honorable Mentions

    Bailey Hengen and Cadie Caukill

    Maitlyn Sewepegaham and Lexie Tschritter

Grade Five Honorable Mentions

    Bailey Hengen and Cadie Caukill

Grade Six Honorable Mentions

    Madison Chant

    Emily Tooth

Grade Seven Honorable Mentions

    Justice Dach

Second Place

Grade Two Second Place

     Emily Luzi

Grade Three Second Place

    Kole Roberts

Grade Four Second Place

    Liam Deschaine

Grade Five Second Place

    Georgia Winters

Grade Six Second Place

    Camryn Nielsen and Brooklyn May

Grade Seven Second Place

    Sienna Vennard

First Place

Kindergarten First Place

     Kade Perry

Grade One First Place

     Briella DeVisser

Grade Two First Place

     Olivia Thorogood and Ryker Gafner

    Rhett Bartholow

Grade Three First Place

    Sadie Winters  

    Brooklynn DeVisser and Jacqueline Brink

Grade Four First Place

    Graydon Feil and Carter Nielsen

    Sophia Willihnganz and Emmett Shropshall

Grade Five First Place

    Gracie Atkinson

Grade Six First Place

    Austin Fuchko and Austin Nixon

    Dane Roberts

Grade Seven First Place

    Abriel Johnson