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Cross Country Runs

The CESD Fun Run (Oct 4 in Innisfail) for selected Gr 1-6 students as well as the CESD Divisional Run (Oct. 3 at RVS), have been cancelled due to unfit trails (weather) as well as concerns about how to keep such a large number of students dry and warm before and after their races.  Unfortunately, these events will not be rescheduled for another time.  However, to recognize the significant efforts of those grade 1-6 students chosen to represent RVS, sometime within the next week the RVS PE team will present each selected runner with a “special shoe”, similar to those students place on their lockers, to track their kilometres. 

A date for the RVS Km Club wind up races will be determined based on weather/trail conditions - Stay tuned to the website/ FB page for a list of approximate times for each grade – we would love to have you come out and cheer the kids on!  At last count, they had run a cumulative total of well over 9,000 KM – Go Eagles!!


Leslie Cooper-Shand