Science Fair 2018 |

Science Fair 2018

2018 RVS Science Fair

Well done Science Fair Participants! This year RVS had 38 projects and 57 students involved! Those who placed in the top three for each grade have been invited to attend the next Science Fair in Olds. Good Luck! 

Thank you to Mr Brown's Grade 8s and Mrs Reimert’s Grade 7s for all their help cleaning up!

You can check out the pictures here.


Kindergarten -- Izzy Millichamp

Grade Two -- Jacqueline Brink and Karsyn Surtees

Grade Four -- Grace Atkinson and Apen Luzi

                 -- Elijah Anderson and Cale Marr

                 -- Dominic Millichamp

                 -- Abby Dewitt and Halle Leasak

                 -- Russell Marko and Oliver Klassen

                 -- Brysen Deschaine and Charlie Shyback

Grade Six -- Isabella Skrove and Andrea Hunter

                -- Jayden Oler and Danika Hogarth

Grade Seven -- Chacie Stefanowich and Rayna Lenz

                    -- Dylan McLean and Noah Smeets

                    -- Evan Hengen


Honourable Mentions

Grade Two -- Mallory Cummins

Grade Four -- Ava Corteau

                 -- Jade Gardin and Hailey Flowerday

Grade Five -- Kaleb Berry-Oler and Caellum Bunch

Grade Six -- Nolan Spurrier

               -- Sianna Vennard

Grade Seven -- Isabelle Butler and Charly Fenton

Second Place Winners

Grade One -- Ryker Gafner

Grade Two -- Grayson Suitor

                -- Garrett Deschaine and Zachariah McFadden-Snooks

Grade Three -- Liam Deschaine

Grade Four -- Georgia Winters and Natalie Brink

                 -- Bailey Hengen and Cadie Caukill

Grade Five -- Dane Roberts

Grade Six -- Colin Newsham

Grade Seven -- Taya Young

                    -- Tristan Hillock and Makayla May

First Place Winners

Kindergarten -- Avery Gunderson

Grade One -- Olivia Thorogood

Grade Two -- Kole Roberts

Grade Three -- Mikayla Sanders and Taylen Lovell

Grade Four -- Brynne Bartholow

Grade Five -- Austin Fuchko

Grade Six -- Abriel Johnson

Grade Seven -- Jordyn Roberts

Grade Eight -- Nina Spurrier