Extracurricular Activities |



Gr. 5 - 8 Origami Club


Students who love art and a good challenge (and have a lot of patience) would love origami club!  Come join us on Thursdays during lunch recess (12:2...


Gr. 2-4 Checkers and Chess Club

Grade 2, 3 and 4 students are welcome to join the Checkers and Chess club from December to March on Wednesdays at lunch recess (11:25 - 12:05) in the...

Gr. 5 - 8 Checkers and Chess Club


Grade 5 - 8 students are welcome to join the Checkers and Chess club from January to May on Wednesdays at lunch recess (12:20 - 12:45) in the band roo...


Gr. 5 Snack Club


Are you in grade 5 and interested in helping out with our Nutrition for Learning program?  Then this is the club for you!  Every other Monday from J...


Gr. 2 - 8 Dance Crew


This club takes place in Mrs. Cottrell's classroom on most Mondays and Fridays during lunch recess -- 11:25 - 11:50 for grades 2-4 and 12:20 - 12:45 f...


Gr. 6 Drama Club


Grade 6 Drama Club is a great introduction to all aspects of performing a play in front of a large audience. It builds confidence and allows students...

Gr. 7 & 8 Drama

Grade 7 & 8 students are invited to join us for this year's drama production.  Rehearsals are scheduled for after schools on Thursdays until 4:30. ...


Gr. 2 - 4 Me to We Club

Grade 2 - 4 students are invited to participate in the Me to We Club every Thursday lunch recess (11:25 - 11:55) from October to May, in the art room....

Gr. 5 - 8 Me to We Club


Grade 5 - 8 students are invited to participate in the Me to We Club every Thursday at lunch recess (12:20 - 12:45) from October to April, in the art...


Gr. 3 - 8 Early Risers Club

Finding it hard to get going in the morning?  Ask your teacher about joining the Early Risers Club.  This club is participant-led with a physical a...

Gr. 5 - 8 Board Game Club


Recess time? More like BOARD GAME TIME! Students will have a chance to play a number of board games including the classics to new board games includin...

Gr. 5 - 8 Environment Club


Environment club takes place during lunch recess on various odd numbered school days. In this club students will take care of plants within the school...

Gr. 5 - 8 Magic: The Gathering Club

'Magic: The Gathering' is a card collecting game that has grown in popularity among middle school kids. Students use math skills such as probability,...

Gr. 5 - 8 Writing Club


Students are welcome to come to Mr. Monaghan's room (room 171) Tuesdays after school and free write anything they want with a focus on improving writi...


Science Fair


Our annual science fair is scheduled to take place on Friday, February 1st.  For more information, please contact Ms. Hindbo by calling the school or...