Learning From Home @ RVS

This page has been created to support families during the school closure that began on March 16, 2020.  It will contain newsletters and resources about how learning is moving forward for students at RVS.


May 26, 2020

April 9, 2020

March 19, 2020

March 18, 2020 -- includes information on how to access Google Classrooms for each grade

March 17, 2020 -- includes information on Google Classroom starting Wednesday and student materials pick up

March 16, 2020


Families will be asked to join a Google Classroom for each grade that their child(ren) are in.  This slideshow may be helpful in understanding this digital platform that our teachers will be using.

Social Emotional Take Home Pack -- this resources contains the following activities: Calming Scavenger Hunt; Breathing Strategies Page; Things I Can Control or Let Go; Positive Self-Talk; 50 Reasons to Be Thankful; Weekly Gratitude Journal Page; Hygiene Tips Coloring Page

Activities by Edmonton Public Schools -- a variety of activities that can be sorted by grade level (K-2, 3-6, 7-9)

Card Games That Support Math Learning -- a variety of card games that will support learning at various levels (basic facts, decimals, fractions) -- there is something for everyone here!

Online Reading Resources -- a collection put together by our Learning Commons Technician, Mrs. Mandel

Online Physical Education Resources -- a variety of websites, online videos and apps designed to encourage kids to be active

Mr. Sampson and Ms. S-G have collected/created some physical education activities for all to try

June 4 -- River Valley Cardio Circuit; Home Track and Fun Day

May 28 -- Fortune Teller Fitness; June Fitness Calendar

May 25 -- Frisbee Golf; Colour by Fitness

May 13 -- Fitness Washer Toss; Soft Toss

May 8 -- Dice Fitness; Emoji Fitness; Paper Plan Cornhole

April 30 -- Throwing & Catching tips (video); May Fitness Challenge Calendar; 20 Random Acts of Fitness & Exercise

April 27 -- some new activities from Mr. Sampson to try -- Plinko; This or That; Flip for Fitness

April 3 -- Mr. Sampson and Ms. S-G created a video of games to create and play at home -- have some fun giving them a try!

April 1 -- Uno Fitness; Chutes and Ladders Fitness; April Fitness Challenge

Family School Wellness -- Marvelous Mondays: Our Family School Wellness Worker, Anneleen deBruyn, will be sharing helpful tips each Monday.

June 22 Marvelous Monday

June 15 Marvelous Monday

June 8 Marvelous Monday

June 1 Marvelous Monday

May 25 Marvelous Monday

May 18 Marvelous Monday

May 11 Marvelous Monday

May 4 Marvelous Monday

April 27 Marvelous Monday

April 20 Marvelous Monday

April 6 Marvelous Monday

March 30 Marvelous Monday

March 23 Marvelous Monday