Our Growly is the concession that students are invited to purchase food from during their lunch eating time. For the 2020-2021 school year, our Growly will operate slightly differently than in the past. Please read on for details.

Orders for Subway Days will open up in Quickpay - all orders for Subway Days must be submitted and paid by the order deadline each month

If you are new to RVS:

  • Students may purchase items from the Growly on their scheduled day(s) - cash only, pay @ the Growly
  • Subway Day orders are online, prepaid only - please click on this link to set up a Quickpay Account in order to pre-order Subway
  • Subway orders must be submitted by the order deadline each month
  • If your child is absent on a Subway Day, we are not able to issue a credit
  • If you have any questions please contact the school office

Kindergarten parents please double check the Subway Day dates as they alternate from a Tuesday or Wednesday each month

Growly Information

2020-2021 Growly Menu

March 2021 Growly Rotation

February 2021 Growly Rotation

January 2021 Growly Rotation

December 2020 Growly Rotation

November 2020 Growly Rotation

October 2020 Growly Rotation