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Rhonda Cottrell


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Currently, Mrs. Cottrell is a grade 2 teacher at River Valley School.  She has taught at River Valley School and Ecole Olds Elementary School. Chinook’s Edge has been her employer for twenty-two years. Time flies when one is having fun!  Mrs. Cottrell has taught all grades from one to six, with the exception of grade four.  Most of her experience, however, has been in grades one and two. 

She has always loved to dance.  Every November to May she leads River Valley Dance Crew for students in grade two-four and Choreo Crew for grades 5-8.  Dance club opens with an opening dance party in either late November or early December.  River Valley Dance Crew usually has younger students dancing to pre-choreographed songs/routines. Mrs. Cottrell facilitates and coaches middle school children to choreograph their own dance routines to be posted on River Valley website and/or be showcased at the year end dance party at the beginning of May.

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