Understanding the World of Video Games -- A Parent Session |

Understanding the World of Video Games -- A Parent Session

On Tuesday, October 24th, we are hosting an evening event from 6:30 - 8:00 pm with Mark Ballantyne.  Mark's talk is titled "Understanding the World of Video Games."  Mark will offer a balanced, yet realistic viewpoint about the world of video games.  Mark has a wealth of experience as a Family School Wellness Worker in Innisfail.

This is a free session but we would appreciate if you would register so that we know that approximate number of people attending.  This link will get you registered: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/understanding-the-world-of-video-games-tickets-38234945752 

Session Description:  The video game world is a very important world to youth, and one that parents and professionals will have a hard time avoiding. The intent of this workshop is to help parents and professionals become more aware of the popular and controversial games on the market. You will have a better understanding of the themes in the games, the emerging trends and why they are designed the way they are. We will further discuss the potential concerns that these game can have on children if not used appropriately. This workshop is not an anti-video game presentation, but a chance to help parents and professionals be more knowledgeable and to help them support a child to exist in the video game world, without causing them unnecessary harm. Understanding the game can further help people understand the need that that game may be filling in that child’s life, and why it is important to realize that certain games will affect children very differently. This is an informal workshop with lots of opportunity for discussion about this controversial subject. This workshop uses video clips from games on the market, some of these images may be disturbing to some people. This is an adult only presentation.