Welcome to the RVS Parent Page!  

Our mascot, Erlund the Eagle, has these information pieces and links to a variety of resources for you. ‚Äč

Reporting Absences: In order to ensure our students' safety, we ask that parents inform the school prior to 8:30 advising of your child's absence.  You can call in (403-638-3939) and talk to a staff member (either your child's teacher or the office staff), leave a message anytime on the answering machine or email your child's teacher.  

School Calendar:  You can find the current school calendar on this page.  This link will take you to the calendar on our website that includes other important events happening at our school.

Bell Times:  What time do the students eat lunch?  This page lists all of our bell times.  Please remember that we run two different schedules -- K to 4 and Gr. 5 to 8

Student Handbook:  You can find our Student Handbook on this page.  It provides a variety of information related to how our school operates and what is expected of students.

Fee Payments: We are striving to become a "cash less" school and district.  As a result, school fees can be paid through Chinook's Edge's secure fee payment website.  If you do not have an account yet, you will be prompted to create an account and then all payments can be made this way.  An alternative is to bring in a cheque or cash to the office.  

PowerSchool:  We will be using PowerSchool Parent Portal to inform families of their child's teacher in late August.  Every student had an instruction sheet in their report card in June with a unique "Access ID" and "Password" that you will use to either create your account or sign in with, to see your child's information.

School Supply Lists:  These lists (for each grade from Kindergarten to grade 8) can be accessed here.

Classroom Information:  Teachers will post information about their classroom happenings through their staff profile page.  Please check out your child's teacher's profile through the "Meet Our Team" button to learn more about them and what's happening in their classroom.

School Newsletters: Each month, the newsletter that comes home with the youngest or only child in your family will also be posted to the Newsletters section of the website.  These newsletters include messages from the superintendent and principal as well as the calendar for the upcoming month and information regarding events.

Athletics: Wondering what's up with our sports teams?  The Athletics page has all of the information you may need for each team, including coaches, practice times and game schedules.

Activities:  We offer a few different activities outside of regular class time.  The Activities page will give you the details.

Assemblies: Assemblies happen at various times throughout the year and for a variety of reasons.  We always kick off the year with an assembly to remind students about our expectations and commitments.  These links will take you to the presentations: Primary Fall 2017 Assembly   Middle School Fall 2017 Assembly

Recess:  All students spend an hour a day outside during recess times.  This presentation reviews the expectations and processes we follow.

Morning Drop Off: Please consider using the community gym parking lot if you need to park and bring your child into the school.  We have a large staff who sometime cannot find a spot in the staff parking lot.  If you are using one of our two loops, please remember that this is a drop and go process.  If an adult is staying with the child, they can come into the school, otherwise all students can go out onto the playground and enter the building using their normal doors.

Animals in School: We recognize that pets pose a wonderful learning opportunity for our students.  We also want to consider the health and safety of students, staff and animals.  To ensure this, all animals need to be approved by the principal, and owners must show proof of vaccinations and licensing before bringing an animal into our school.  So, please be sure to talk with the principal before making plans to bring an animal into the school.  These two documents provide further clarification around this animal policy: Animals in School Parent Letter   Animals in School Policy

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please feel free to give us a call at 403-638-3939 or stop by so we can answer your questions.